“Jungle noises” shouted at black footballer forces early end to match

VVOG and Harkemase Boys players leave the field after racism from the stands, 5 Mar 2016 (Photo: @21Elwin/Twitter)VVOG and Harkemase Boys players leave the field after racism from the stands, 5 Mar 2016 (Photo: @21Elwin/Twitter)

A football match in the C league between VVOG from Hardewijk and Harkemase Boys from Harkema, Friesland was called to a halt after racist noises came from the audience. Audience members made jungle noises and monkey sounds at VVOG player Pernelly Biya.

"We are extremely shocked, this can not be tolerated on the fields", VVOG chairman Laurens de Kleine said to Omroep Gelderland. "That applies to all manifestations of racism. It does not matter where it happens, we do not want it and it should not be possible."

According to De Kleine, it was one man shouting monkey noises from the stands. He was immediately removed from the terrain. "If I were the president of Harkemase Boys, I would impose long-term measures against this person. I would say: you are not welcome on the field in the coming years."

The Friesland team also denounced the racism. "This does not belong at the Harkemase Boys and we do not tolerate this behavior", Appie van der Veen, chairman of the team, said in a statement on the club's website. "Racism is unacceptable." The perpetrator's identity is known and he is not a member of the Harkemase Boys. "But he will still be denied access to the sports park."

Pernelly Biya commented on the matter on Facebook. "That in 2016 jungle noises are still being made at football matches and the referee does not dear intervene, says something about the development of certain people", he wrote. "On the other hand, I want to thank my teammates and the coaching staff for their statement by not continuing the match, but standing still. Today's opponent also made a clear statement to their so-called supporters. I am very grateful."

In a statement on their website, Dutch football association KNVB promises to find and punish those responsible for the jungle noises. "The KNVB finds such offensive statements abhorrent and intolerable. Those who were involved must be identified and punished." The KNVB will get more information from the referee and both clubs and the disciplinary committee will take the matter under investigation.

Racisme is niet oké! Harkemase Boys - VVOG

Racisme is niet oké!
Hoofdklasse wedstrijd Harkemase Boys - VVOG gestaakt vanwege racistische geluiden.
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