Family: Missing Polish man was killed on New Year’s in Rotterdam

Thomasz Kosmala, went missing in Rotterdam on New Year's 2016 (Photo: Ik Zoek Tomasz/Facebook). (Thomasz Kosmala, went missing in Rotterdam on New Year's 2016 (Photo: Ik Zoek Tomasz/Facebook))

The parents of missing Polish man Tomasz Kosmala are convinced he was murdered. They called in the help of lawyer Sebastien Diekstra and reported a crime to the police, in an effort to force the judiciary to investigate the disappearance of their 20-year-old-son, AD reports.

Thomasz, who worked in the Netherlands, disappeared from Rotterdam over New Year's. He was watching fireworks with his friends on the Erasmus Bridge the last time they saw him. What happened after that is unclear.

The police believe he fell into the water. But his parents refuse to believe it. The spoke to people who saw a boy matching his description later that night. He was being supported by other people and had a head wound. They are convinced that their son was killed and want the police to investigate.

"The police insists he fell into the water. They have no justification at all for that. I demand that they do an investigation", lawyer Diekstra said to the newspaper. "Reporting is the only way to take action. If the police and judiciary still do nothing, I can officially lodge a complaint.

The Public Prosecutor responded that a thorough investigation was done into his disappearance. "And the investigation is still ongoing." a spokesperson said to the newspaper.