Hema renaming “Easter eggs” called an attack on Dutch culture

Hema renames Easter eggs as "hiding eggs", February 2016 (Photo: @widtvoet/Twitter). (Hema renames Easter eggs as "hiding eggs", February 2016 (Photo: @widtvoet/Twitter))

Supermarket chain Hema is causing quite a bit of controversy in the Netherlands by renaming "Easter eggs" to "hiding eggs". A photo of the new name is circulating on Twitter, with some people calling it an attack on Dutch culture. 

A number of Twitter users are accusing Hema of changing the name because of religious beliefs. "Now Hema fatwa on Easter? Hiding eggs? Really? H used to stand for Holland, now for Halal", Rene Dercksen, PVV leader in Utrecht tweeted.

Other Twitter users called it "a new low in the attack on our culture" and "cultural Marxism in action". And another: "From Easter eggs via hiding eggs to Eid eggs?" Another: "Hiding eggs instead of Easter eggs in Hema, to hide their own culture in the name of diversity? #idiots"

Hema does not see any harm in changing the name. "The goal is to hide the eggs. For this reason, Hema calls the eggs 'hiding eggs'", one employee responded on Twitter. "We stay away from religious beliefs, political or sexual preference or anything, precisely because Hema is for everyone", a spokesperson said to newspaper AD. "We are sorry that there are again people who see a reason to doubt our sincerity in this."