Group of Dutch hikers missing in Norwegian avalanche region

In the mountains near Grotli, Norway (Photo: Aconcagua/Wikimedia Commons). (In the mountains near Grotli, Norway (Photo: Aconcagua/Wikimedia Commons))

Thirteen Dutch people are missing in a mountainous area in Norway. The group made emergency calls around 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Friday, but there is no longer contact with them, according to Norwegian newspaper GD.

According to newspaper AD, the Dutch group planned to hike in the mountains north of the Norwegian village of Grotli until Saturday.

Exactly what went wrong is unclear at this point. According to GD, the area is currently plagued by heavy snowfall and strong winds and there is a risk of avalanche.

Journalist Marcel Burger reports on Twitter that the Red Cross is heading to the scene with six dogs, several police officers and ten snowmobiles. A helicopter was also deployed, but had to return due to the bad weather.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not confirm that the group is missing. A spokesperson said to AD that they are making contact with the embassy in Norway.