Univ. Groningen drops lecturer for side job as sex “coach”

University of Groningen (Photo: JoachimKohlerBremen/Wikimedia Commons)University of Groningen (Photo: JoachimKohlerBremen/Wikimedia Commons)

The University of Groningen decided to no longer work with guest lecturer Ali Mohammed after learning of his online activities as a sex "coach". The university feels that his online life does not fit with his job at the university as guest lecturer in Bachelor course Pharmacy, AD reports.

Mohammed offered a paid online course on how to attract women and get them into bed. He is also in numerous videos on YouTube channel Versiercoach in which he gives tips on how to date, how to show how romantic your are and how to become a real womanizer, among other things. His online activities came to light after a student at the University complained about him harassing her.

According to Gernant Deekens, spokesperson for the University of Groningen, the university did not know about Mohammed's online activities when they hired him. "We did not notice anything when we appointed him, and because he is a guest lecturer, no extensive background checks were performed", Deekens said to the newspaper.

Despite the fact that Mohammed claims he is no longer active as sex coach, the university is sticking to its decision to let him go.




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