Dutch tennis stunned by match fixing allegations

Tennis (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vladsinger)Tennis (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vladsinger)

Dutch tennis association KNLTB is stunned by an ESSA report which states that there was match fixing involved in two tennis-matches in the Netherlands last year. The report does not say which matches or on what level, only that the one match happened between April and June and the other between July and September.

"This is the umpteenth signal in a short time, and we are shocked", KNLTB spokesperson Robert Jan Schumacher said to broadcaster NOS. "We know what players and tournaments it involves, but other than that we can say nothing about it. Neither about the nationality of the players."

There was a suspicious match in the challenger tournament in Scheveningen July last year, between Andrey Golubev and Aleksandr Nedovjesov. According to NOS, this means that the other suspicious match must come from the ATP/WTA tournament in Rosmalen, or from one of the IF future tournaments in Alkmaar, Breda or Middelburg.

The KNLTB stepped up its approach to match fixing last year. Among other things, Dutch professional players now have to sign a code of conduct. "It states, among other things, that they can not use doping and must not engage in match fixing", Schumacher said to NOS. "Recently the Fed Cup-ladies all signed this code and we will approach the other top tennis players about this in the coming weeks."