Expect heavy traffic driving to the Alps this weekend

Dutch traveller’s association ANWB is warning of high traffic volumes this weekend as much of the Netherlands enters the first holiday season of the year. Some 300 thousand people are expected to depart for the alps, which could cause major traffic jams from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.

Delays are expected in all four favorite winter sports nations the Dutch visit annually. Those in the Netherlands typically prefer Austria, followed closely by France, then Germany and Switzerland, the ANWB stated.

Those crossing the Austria/Germany can expect extra delays from stricter checkpoints and monitoring, especially on the return journey.

The ANWB warns of traffic jams in Germany on the Frankfurt - Nuremberg - Munich stretch of the A3/A9, the A7 from Ulm to Füssen, the A8 from Munich to Salzburg, the A93 from Rosenheim to Kufstein, and Munich’s A99 ring road.

In France, drivers along the A40 from Macon - Geneva - Chamonix route can expect lengthy jams, as well as those on the A43 from Lyon - Albertville - Chambéry, and on the N90 from Albertville to Bourg St. Maurice. Similar problems are predicted for those visiting Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg in Austria.

The A12 from Kufstein to Wörgl and Zillertal, and the B179 and S16 in Austria are likely to face traffic jams as well as skiers traveling along the A1 between Zurich, Bern and Geneva in Switzerland.

On the plus side, good conditions for skiing are predicted in much of the region, the ANWB reported.