Woman intentionally run over by Amsterdam taxi

An Amsterdam taxi driver deliberately ran over a woman in the city after a quarrel about payment late in January, the woman told both Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf and local broadcaster AT5.

After a night out in the center of Amsterdam the woman, Chantal, and her cousin decided to take a taxi home. The driver would first drop of the cousin and then Chantal, who lives outside the city. The mood took a downward turn immediately after they got into the taxi, because the driver refused to turn on the meter. "And then he also took the wrong route, he went exactly the wrong way", Chantal told the Telegraaf.

A quarrel ensued and the driver suddenly stopped the car on the Rozengracht. He demanded that the two pay 40 euros. They refused, because they were still far away from their destinations and they did not trust the driver anymore.

The quarrel turned into a fight. Chantal was hit in the head, despite her cousin trying to intervene, and fell to the ground. The taxi driver got back into his car and drove over Chantal's legs.

Chantal was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She told AT5 that the doctors say it is a wonder that she did not break anything and that she is not paralyzed. Her legs are swollen and covered in bruises. "I walk around the house with a walker. I can not put my weight on my left leg, because it is so swollen and it will take a long time until I can use my muscles and my legs again", she said to the broadcaster. She also no longer feels safe in taxis. She asked that her surname not be mentioned in the media because she is afraid of retaliation from the taxi driver.

The police are aware of the case and is investigating. Chantal pressed charges. Her cousin confirmed the events, according to the police.