Second Dutch cat cafe opens in Groningen

Curious cat (Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎/Wikimedia Commons). Curious cat (Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎/Wikimedia Commons)

The Netherlands' second cat cafe opened its doors in Groningen on Thursday. Cat cafe 'Op z'n Kop' is located on Oude Ebbingestraat in Groningen city center and boasts six cat residents, NU reports. 

The cats were carefully selected from a shelter. They roam freely and, if you're lucky, will decide to give you a cuddle on your visit. Cuddles are allowed, but only if the cat initiates it - visitors aren't allowed to pick up the cats or feed them, according to initiator Hielke Wester.

The cafe is decorated as a living room, where guests can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a pastry or a sandwich.

The Netherlands' first cat cafe,