Video: Heroes rescue mom, kid after car crashes into Amsterdam canal


Four brave bystanders rescued a mother and her toddler after their car crashed into an Amsterdam canal on Tuesday. The four men dived in after the car and managed to pull the two out.

The mother parked her car and just got out of the car when it started moving again, with the toddler still inside, a spokesperson for the fire department said to local broadcaster AT5. She managed to get back into the car, but could not prevent it plunging into the Sloterkade.

Four bystanders saw what happened and immediately dove into the canal after the car. They broke the vehicle's windows with stones and freed the mother and toddler.

The two were taken to the hospital, but were doing well under the circumstances, the spokesperson said to AT5 on Tuesday.

The men are being hailed as heroes, bur remain modest. "I think every healthy young man would have jumped into the water", Ruben Abrahams, one of the rescuers, said to RTL Nieuws. "It is a quite natural reaction. I think we just did a good deed."