Prosecutor appeals to Supreme Court against Mein Kampf bookseller's acquittal

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The Public Prosecutor is turning to the Supreme Court to appeal against the Amsterdam Court of Appeals' ruling to clear bookseller Michiel van Eyck of hate crime charges for selling Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kamph in his historical objects store, NU reports.

The case ended up in the Court of Appeals after the Public Prosecutor appealed against a previous ruling in which Van Eyck also received no punishment. According to the appeals judge, Van Eyck sold the book from a historical point of view, and not from a discriminatory one. He therefore got no penalty.

The Prosecutor is now appealing with the Supreme Court.

This case dates from October 2013. Nationwide upset arose when the Federated Jewish Netherlandspressed charges against Van Eyck for selling Mein Kampf in his store, which offers historical objects for sale.