Miracle comeback: Amateur footballers ecstatic for Dutch Cup semi-final

Maikey Parami (Photo: @MaikeyParami/Twitter)Maikey Parami (Photo: @MaikeyParami/Twitter)

In what is being described as a miracle comeback, amateur club VVSB beat FC Den Bosch and is the first amateur side to make it to the KNVB cup semi-finals since 1975. The players and club president Arjan Broekhof are ecstatic.

VVSB lost the first game 2-0 and won the second game 3-0, thereby winning the aggregate 3-2. The winning goal was scored by Maikey Parami, just three minutes before the final whistle.

"This is amazing, unbelievable. I'll never forget this", the 21 year old Parami told Fox Sports after the match.

"It was a dream scenario, something I might never experience again. I slept only two hours, I could not believe it. I still can't", Parami said to broadcaster NOS at his job in HEMA on Thursday morning, the morning after the match. He did not get much work done, his boss gave him his freedom. "I enjoyed walking through the store, speaking to the press, chatting with people. And of course, autographs. This is fun."

The rest of the team also feel like they're movie stars this week, club president Arjan Broekhof told the Telegraaf. Everywhere they went, they were received as heroes. "We do not know what we are going through, man. After the game I got to bed at 4:30 in the morning and when I turned on my phone three hours later, I was calling and texting almost the whole day", he said. "So incredibly many things are coming our way. Match winner Maikey Parami may take care of the draw for the semi finals, the players were guests on De Wereld Draait Door and also as board we are surrounded by all kinds of camera crews. I did not realize the Netherlands has so many media companies."


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