Greens: Make hiring practices anonymous to prevent discrimination

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The GroenLinks faction in Groningen wants to run an experiment in which people applying for a job at the Groningen municipality can do so anonymously. The party believes this will increase non-Western minorities' chances of being employed, NU reports.

GroenLinks refers to a study showing that people with a foreign sounding surname are less likely to get a job. "Non-western candidates who completely correspond with Dutch nationals in terms of qualities are less likely to be invited to an interview. This while it is good for a organization when the workplace is a reflection of he often colorful society", council member Glimina Chakor said.

22.6 percent of the Groningen municipality's population are non-Dutch. "But who looks around the town hall unfortunately sees that the municipal organization is no good reflection of the Groningen population", Chakor said. According to GroenLinks, the results of previous, similar experiments are very encouraging.

The municipalities of The Hague, Utrecht and Arnhem are all currently running trails on anonymous job applications.