Suspected Dutch politician killer to break silence, posb. confess

Bart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in RotterdamBart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in Rotterdam

Bart van U., the man suspected of murdering Els Borst in February 2014, wants to make a statement about the former-politicians murder, he said in the court in Rotterdam. The judges will listen to his statement behind closed doors on Thursday, ANP reports.

It is still unclear exactly what Van U. has to say. Up until now he always remained silent and refused to answer questions. Van U. is suspected of Borst's murder in February 2014 and his sister Lois's murder in January 2015. He confessed to his sister's murder.

Van U. only came into the picture as a suspect in Borst's murder in January last year, after he was arrested for killing his sister. The Public Prosecutor believes there is enough evidence to convict him for the former politician's death. Evidence a hair on Borst's jacket and DNA traces on her panty stocking that very likely belong to Van U. A file Van U. was using also contained Borst's name and address. And shortly before her death Borst stated that a disturbed man showed up at her house asking for the addresses of former Prime Ministers Wim Kok and Jan Pieter Balkenende.

Thursday's pro-forma hearing - in which the court looks at the progress of the investigation and whether Van U.'s custody will be extended - was suspended after Van U. said that he wants to give a statement. The hearing will restart at 2:00 p.m. Van U.'s lawyer is not commenting on whether the statement will include a confession.