Amsterdam, Utrecht population rising faster than elsewhere

Multicultural Crowd (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/mattbuck). Multicultural Crowd (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/mattbuck)

With an increase of 1.5 and 1.43 percent respectively in the number of inhabitants, the populations of Amsterdam and Utrecht grew more than average in 2015. The national average is 0.5 percent, according to Statistics Netherlands based on 2015's interim population figures.

At the end of 2015 there were 834,119 people living in Amsterdam, 12,367 more than a year earlier. A total of 11,067 babies were born in the city and 4,429 people died. A total of 57,391 people left Amsterdam, 39,288 of which moved to another municipality and 18,103 moved a broad. Last year 26,062 people from abroad moved into Amsterdam from abroad and 38,058 moved to the city from another municipality in the Netherlands.

Utrecht had 338,949 people living in the city at the end of last year, 4,773 more than the end of 2014. A total of 4,971 babies were born and 1,909 people died. 21,711 people moved to Utrecht from another Dutch municipality and 5,602 moved in from abroad. A total of 20,977 left to live in another Dutch municipality and 4,625 left to live abroad.

In 282 municipalities in the Netherlands the number of inhabitants increased, that is 72 percent of the Dutch municipalities. In 108 municipalities (28 percent) the number of inhabitants decreased. That share is much lower than previous years - 40 percent in 2014 and 50 percent in 2013. According to Statistics Netherlands, this is mostly due to an increase in immigration.