Another football referee attacked by Amsterdam's Nieuw Sloten

Soccer - Dutch Linesman Dies after Attack during Game - Almere
Richard Nieuwenhuizen. (Richard Nieuwenhuizen)

Players at Amsterdam football club Nieuw Sloten are accused of attacking another referee during their Fourth Class - C match against league leader DCG on Saturday. The incident happened just over four years after Almere linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen died from injuries sustained during an attack by players and supporters of the Amsterdam team.

Satuday’s assault took place with about fifteen minutes left in the senior’s match when a Nieuw Sloten midfielder was given a yellow card for hands, match referee, 21-year-old Glenn Janson, told Another player furiously rushed Janson, for which he received a yellow card, Janson said. He continued to berate Janson, and the referee handed out a second yellow and a red card, ejecting him from the match, the referee continued.

“From that moment, it escalated very quickly and I was attacked. It was very frightening,” he told the website.

Someone came up from behind him and knocked the red card out of his hand, then struck Janson in the face, he accused. Several other players then went after the referee and tried to grab him by his neck, he said.

A witness told the website four or five players attacked him.

The Nieuw Sloten team captain tried to protect the referee, along with the DCG manager and several players, the referee said. Janson was safely brought to his dressing room where he told both team captains the remainder of the match would not be played.

Nieuw Sloten board member Wim Snoek told the site the team will file their report with KNVB, and he expects sanctions from the football association. Players will also possibly be punished for violating club rules.

Team chairman Frans Mobron played down the incident, acknowledging to the Volkskrant that the cards were knocked from the referees hand and he was threatened, but he was not assaulted beyond that. Mobron thinks the story is only in the news because of referee Nieuwenhuizen’s death in 2012.

DCG coach Danny van der Moot chose not to comment about the incident, saying his side would report what happened to the KNVB and wait for an outcome.