Community service only for Leiden Univ. mass shooting threat

The court in The Hague sentenced a 21 year old student to 180 hours of community service, 60 of which conditionally suspended, for threatening a mass shooting at the University of Leiden in October last year, news wire ANP reports.

In October last year the student posted at least two messages on online bulletin board 4Chan threatening to shoot employees and students at the university and then commit suicide.  “Tomorrow at 10:05 i will open fire at the university of Leiden. Not gonna tell you which faculty, thats up to you to guess. Shit’s gonna go down, then i’m gonna go down. Going for the highscore,” a portion of one of the messages stated.

He was arrested after the police traced the threats to his computer's IP addressed. The student confessed, saying that he "wanted to participate in the game and take the piss out of people."

Experts concluded that the student has diminished accountability as he is undergoing treatment for a psychotic disorder.

The court took the threats very seriously, saying that everyone who read it understood it to be threatening. According to the court, the student "knew what he was doing, even though he was slightly psychotic. He could sufficiently see what the consequences would be."