Dutch vigilante ISIS fighter now hiding in protective custody

Jitse Akse (Photo: Justice for Jitse/Facebook)Jitse Akse (Photo: Justice for Jitse/Facebook)

Former soldier Jitske Akse, now known as the Dutch vigilante fighter who fought against ISIS in Syria, is hiding in protective custody for fear of retribution from ISIS supporters, a relative told the Telegraaf. 

According to the relative, Akse is doing pretty well, though he is suffering from the massive amounts of attention he's getting. "The enormous publicity that came after the interviews about his fighting in Syria completely overwhelmed him", the family member said.

Akse made headlines in mid-January when he gave interviews about his time in Syria and how he killed several ISIS combatants. The Public Prosecutor decided to arrest him on suspicion of murder. He was provisionally released two days later, but had to surrender his passport and cell phone.

Shortly after Akse's arrest, his lawyer Mireille Grinwis-Veldman stated that the world wide attention is putting him at risk. "Justice put him in great danger", the lawyer said, adding that Akse is now internationally known as the Dutchman who killed Islamic State combatants on the side of the Kurdish YPG.