Video shows Amsterdam police open fire on car as driver escapes

Update, 19:15, 21 January 2016: Police confirm three people are still at large, including the driver of the vehicle. The person who drove off was believed to be in possession of a firearm. The driver was possibly injured in the shooting. His car was found abandoned on Eastonstraat near Sloterplas Park. The area was still cordoned off as of 6:30 p.m.

Police fired at least six different gunshots during a traffic stop on a busy road in Amsterdam. The driver of the car escaped in the auto with officers continuing to shoot at the car navigating through a busy intersection.

It happened Thursday afternoon on Meer en Vaart in Amsterdam West. Video acquired by broadcaster AT5 shows four officers at the scene with a canine ordering the driver and passengers out of the vehicle.

When the passenger slams the door shut from inside the vehicle, one officer then fires three shots near the vehicle with no warning heard on the video. The other agents quickly take back away from the vehicle.

Three of the occupants then emerge from the vehicle with police shouting for them to keep their hands up and on their heads. One person closes the passenger-side door while emerging.

At that moment, the driver, still in the car, hits the gas as officers fire three more shots at the fleeing vehicle. One bullet shatters the car’s passenger window as it takes off.

Police would only say that the driver of the car is known to them, and that there was other items of interest in the car.

After the driver fled the scene, two agents ran to their squad car to chase the suspect in the black auto. The two other officers kept one person in custody while two others dashed away from the immediate area on foot.