Prosecutor reprimands 117 staff for drinking in court, poor conduct

Over the past four years 117 Public Prosecutor employees were reprimanded or dismissed for transgressions ranging from drinking in court to losing sensitive information, according to figures from the Integrity Office Public Prosecution, AD reports.

Most of the people on the list found it difficult to separate work from private life. They illegally drew up information on criminal cases or relatives, including one trainee looking into what a potential suitor has on his slate.

Other transgressions are somewhat more shocking. In 2012 a prosecutor was dismissed after he appeared drunk in court. In 2014 a prosecutor lost a hard drive containing sensitive information while vacationing abroad. Another threw a similar hard drive out a door at his workplace. Last month an employee was caught after he embezzled hundreds of thousands of seized money.

The Integrity Office started keeping track of all transgressions in 2012. Since then 10 people were fired. Eight employees were conditionally dismissed and four resigned themselves. Most of the others on the list were only reprimanded.


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