Driver busted tearing through Amsterdam at 130 km/h

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An Amsterdam man was arrested early Friday morning after driving at speeds of over 130 kilometers per hour through neighbourhood streets in the Zuidoost district. Police on patrol after a series of recent burglaries in the area spotted the driver allegedly racing at high speeds around 3 a.m.Officers tried to stop the car but the driver kept going, running a red light, driving against traffic, and topping 130 km/h, police state. The chase which started on Krombekstraat and continued over the Muntbergweg ended in a parking garage on Hakfort.

The driver jumped out of the car and tried to take off on foot. Police cornered the man, and “officers drew their firearms because he did not show his hands despite an explicit request,” a police report says.

The suspect, 20, does not have a drivers license. He also has a prior record of fencing stolen goods, theft, and breaking into homes, according to authorities.

Initial charges in the Friday morning event include dangerous driving and driving without a license.