Dutch network NOS claims interview with latest Jihadi John

Jihadist believed to be Brit Abu Rumaysah in ISIS video (Photo: @Jumazz/Twitter)Jihadist believed to be Brit Abu Rumaysah in ISIS video (Photo: @Jumazz/Twitter)

Dutch broadcaster NOS interviewed the jihadist in the latest ISIS video threatening the United Kingdom, the broadcaster announced on Tuesday. The BBC believes the man in the video is British man Abu Rumaysah, alias Siddhartha Dhar. NOS interviewed him in 2014, before he left for Syria.

The new ISIS video, released on Sunday, is aimed completely at Britain and Prime Minister David Cameron. The video shows five men being executed. According to the terrorist organization, they were spies for the British. It is not clear whether the executions were real. The video also shows a young boy of about 7 years old speaking in a British accent about "infidels" that will be killed. The man, believed to be Rumaysah, states that the video is a message for Cameron and threatens attacks in the UK.

When NOS spoke to the man in 2014, he called the caliphate "a dream for all Muslims world wide". "We can finally have a sanctuary where we can practice our religion." he said. "I grew up in the West, I lived in the United Kingdom all my life. I've seen what democracy has to offer. And quite frankly it's unimpressive. You have things like pornography, abortions, weed and gambling. We need an alternative. And I believe that the sharia can provide that peace and that security for everyone."

He also said that if he had enough money for a plane ticket for him and his family, he'd go to Syria immediately. The man finally did manage to end up in Syria with his wife and four children, according to the broadcaster.