Family struggles to cope with crash that killed man, injured kids

Accident on the A2 near Maarssen, one dead and seven injured. Dec 30th 2015 (@GroenewegenD/Twitter)Accident on the A2 near Maarssen, one dead and seven injured. Dec 30th 2015 (@GroenewegenD/Twitter)

Louis and Wilma van Jaarsveld are struggling to cope with the car accident on the A2 near Maarssen last week that killed their son Ricardo and severely injured two grandsons and their daughter-in-law, they told in an interview with Dutch newspaper AD.

Ricardo van Jaarsveld, 42, was on the way to Safari Park Beekse Bergen with his girlfriend Jennifer and three children Raven, Noah and Yael on Wednesday last week, when another car crashed into them at high speed. His ex-wife Diane and her husband were also in the car.

Ricardo died at the scene. Nine year old Yael escaped with only a few bumps and bruises, but her 11 year old brothers were not so lucky. Noah broke both his legs. His twin brother Raven is still in intensive care with two broken legs, a broken neck and several internal injuries. The boy underwent five surgeries and is now out of danger. Jennifer is also still in hospital with multiple fractures.

"We were advised to keep the anger until everything is over with. But you can not avoid it, I am noticing a growing resignation though." Louis said to the newspaper. "We are fortunate to have a large family and many friends, you need them in this hard time."

Ricardo will be cremated on Friday. According to Wilma, her son was far too good for this world. "He was never angry and took everyone into account", she said to the newspaper. "He was an incredibly loving father to his children", Louis added. "He was always there for them. His children were everything to him."

The Public Prosecutor charged the man who caused the accident with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. Wilma and Louis are happy with the heavy charges. "It gives, in parentheses, satisfaction that the offender is charged with a serious crime. Of course you are so confronted with the accident again, but I want to continue to follow this procedure. I want to know what happens to this man. It is unbelievable that someone cod do such a thing to another."