Albert Heijn’s syrup-covered cranberries voted most misleading product

Albert Heijn cranberries (Photo: Foodwatch)Albert Heijn cranberries (Photo: Foodwatch)

Albert Heijn's cranberries was voted the most misleading product of 2015 in the annual Foodwatch elections, the food watchdog announced on Monday. According to Foodwatch, the cranberries consist of 68 percent added syrup, and only 30 percent actual cranberries.

The Albert Heijn cranberries got 28 percent of the some 13 thousand votes. Albert Heijn promised to change the product so that it consists of 60 percent cranberries. De Liga milkbreak strawberry milk ended in second place with 21 percent of the votes. This milk contains only 0.03 percent strawberry powder, 667 times less than the sugar content. In third place is Plus supermarket's "light peanut butter", which does contain 30 percent less fat than the non-light version, but more than 450 percent more sugars. Plus indicated that they will stop selling this product. Last year's winner was sugary children’s drink Capri-Sun Multivitamin