Scheveningen trying to take tallest bonfire record from Duindorp

Scheveningen New Year's bonfire in the making (Photo: Vreugdevuur Scheveningen/Facebook)Scheveningen New Year's bonfire in the making (Photo: Vreugdevuur Scheveningen/Facebook)

This year Scheveningen plans to beat Duindorp with the biggest New Year's bonfire. The Scheveningen crowd has been working hard since Saturday stacking wooden pallets for their bonfire, Omroep West reports.

The somewhat friendly rivalry between Scheveningen and Duindorp is a years-old tradition. Last year Duindorp broke a world record for the largest bonfire.

As per tradition, Scheveningen-Dorp builds their bonfire on the north side of the harbor and Duindorp does so on the Zuiderstrand. They compete for the highest and prettiest bonfire in The Hague.

"This year we can get a world record", Wesley IJzendoorn, coordinator of the Scheeningen bonfire construction, said to the broadcaster.

The Duindorp crowd is just as confident. "Head start again in the hands of the masters", they wrote on Facebook.

Both bonfires can be watched live Scheveningen here and Duindorp here.


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