Toxicology report shows teen struck by train was not on drugs

Dascha Graafsma and her father Rene (Photo: Dascha Graafsma/Facebook)Dascha Graafsma and her father Rene (Photo: Dascha Graafsma/Facebook)

Sixteen year old Dascha Graafsma was not on drugs when she was killed by an oncoming train in Hilversum in late November, the Netherlands Forensic Institute concluded after a second examination of the girl's blood, NOS reports.

The toxicology examination was done at the request of Dascha's family. A forensic pathologist who performed the examination initially stated that the girl had substances in her blood which pointed to drug use. But according to the NFI, the first examination only looked for substances and not their quantity. The second examination showed that Dascha had GHB in her blood, but not in an amount which indicates that she ingested it. "GHB is also an endogenous substance that is formed after death"

No traces of other drugs like ecstasy and cocaine were found. Dascha was not under the influence of drugs, but was under the influence of alcohol at the time of her death, the NFI reports.