One killed, seven hurt after family rear-ended at high speed

Accident on the A2 near Maarssen, one dead and seven injured. Dec 30th 2015 (@GroenewegenD/Twitter). (Accident on the A2 near Maarssen, one dead and seven injured. Dec 30th 2015 (@GroenewegenD/Twitter))

Update, 2 p.m., 30 December 2015: The A2 was reopened.

A serious accident on the A2 between Amsterdam and Utrecht left one person dead and seven others injured, according to the police.The highway near Maarssen is closed off while the emergency services work. They expect that it will take the rest of the afternoon.

Several vehicles were involved in the accident. According to the police, a car crashed into the back of another car at high speed. The car rolled. The driver of the speeding car was injured. The police arrested him.

"The man came at a speed of at least 210, if not faster, and crashed into a car with a young family", one eye witness described on Twitter.

Peter van der Meer was driving on the A2 when the speeding golf overtook him. "There is section control so you can only drive 100 kilometers per hour. On the left you have an emergency lane. There I was overtaken by a Golf that was driving very fast. A motorist who was driving next to me looked at me. What a weirdo, we both thought. It was not normal how fast that Golf was driving." he said to RTL Nieuws. "He drove at least 200 kilometers per hour. A few kilometers later I had to slow down. I immediately thought: something must have happened."

All the injured people were taken to the hospital. Some of them are seriously injured, according to the police.

The highway will likely be closed 3:00 p.m., according to the Volkskrant. Passing traffic can detour from the Holendrecht intersection via the A9, the A1 and the A27.