Wilders: Politicians & journalists are morons, can go to hell

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PVV leader Geert Wilders responded to his political colleagues' call for him to denounce xenophobic violence in the asylum debate exactly as D66 leader Alexander Pechtold expected him to. He has no intention of doing so.

From his holiday destination, Wilders posted on Twitter: "Politicians and the press can go to hell. Distance yourselves from your cowardice and betrayal of the Netherlands to Islam. Morons."

A number of Wilders' political colleagues, including PvdA Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Segers, insisted that the PVV leader distance himself from incidents like the riots in Geldermalsen disrupting the debate on a possible asylum center in the municipality on Wednesday. Before the debate Wilders called for rebellion against the asylum center on Twitter On Thursday a Somali family in Pannerden was attacked. Their home was pelted with fireworks and a racist pamphlet, showing a picture of Wilders and the text "Immigrants must go! This is just the beginning!", was stuck to their front door. Over the weekend a mosque in Dordrecht was occupied by the group Identitair Verzet, who hung a banner bearing slogans like "Less, less" , referring to Wilders' statements about Moroccans that currently have him facing a hate speech trial.

D66 leader Pechtold told NRC on Monday that he also believes that Wilders should speak out against this violence, but expects that he will not do it. "His answer will be: I don't have to do anything."