Amsterdam exploring biking, walking bridges across IJ River to Noord

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Amsterdam is considering building two bridges over the IJ especially for slow moving traffic as the most serious option for improving the IJ river crossings, the college of mayor and aldermen announced in a press release on Tuesday.

After looking into several options, the city determined that building two bridges - the Stenen Hoofd bridge on the western side of the IJ and the Java bridge on the eastern side - offers the most promising opportunities to improve the IJ river crossings.

The increasing number of houses, facilities and employment opportunities in Amsterdam-Noord puts increased pressure on the ferry traffic. According to the city, these two bridges will provide a good and constantly available connection for slow traffic and make Amsterdam-Noord more accessible. A Social Cost Benefit Analysis by economic research firm Decisio also shows that these bridges will stimulate urban development on and around the IJ banks, which in turn will boost housing and employment.

The city will do further research into the construction of the two bridges next year. They are also still looking at other promising alternatives, including ways to increase the capacity of the ferry and ways to make use of the currently unused Sixthaven metro stop. This could include building a new or adjoining tunnel under the IJ river from Sixthaven to Amsterdam Centraal, specifically for pedestrians and cyclists.

If the municipality does decide to build the two bridges, the Stenen Hoofd bridge will go from the Stenen Hoofd near Silodam in the Zeeheldenbuurt to Amsterdam-Noord. The Java bridge will connect the Javaeiland to Noord east of Amsterdam centrum.