Cadaver “possibly” found in box at missing elderly woman’s home

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The police found a box which they believe may contain the remains of a long-time missing elderly woman in her home in Oirsbeek on Thursday. The woman's son, who was living in the home, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance.

The fire department helped the police remove the box from the home through the bathroom window, according to 1Limburg. This was done to keep the content as intact as possible.The box will be taken to the Academic Hospital Maastricht, where it will be scanned to find out if there are human remains inside. If this is the case, the Netherlands Forensic Institute will take over the investigation.

It is unclear how long exactly the woman was missing. "Hasn't been seen for a long time", is what the police said in their statement. According to 1Limburg, she's been missing for around three years. The Limburg media thinks she's 93 or 94 years old if she still lives.

The police went to the missing woman's home on Berkenstraat on Wednesday after a report that "someone was concerned", according to the police statement. They met with her son and later arrested him in connection with the woman's disappearance.

Local residents told the broadcaster that the man caused a lot of inconvenience and that the neighborhood already submitted several complaints about him to the housing association. According to the neighbors, there are a lot of cats wandering around the house.