EU commish slams “lying” populist parties across Europe

French European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici (Photo: Pymouss/Wikimedia Commons)French European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici (Photo: Pymouss/Wikimedia Commons)

European Union Commissioner Pierre Moscovici lashed out against populist parties in Europe and the support they're receiving. He called parties like the PVV in the Netherlands, and Front National in France "lying beasts that feed on the fears of citizens", while visiting the Netherlands on Monday to prepare for the Dutch presidency of the EU in the first half of next year, BNR reports.

Moscovici does not believe that countries like France and the Netherlands are actually anti-Europe, but rather only afraid and do not feel so much part of Europe any longer. He thinks Europe should improve to ease citizens' fears. "This sometimes involves better integration. We must be more ambitious in Europe, cooperate more in areas such as security, dealing with refugees, the euro and the climate. This must make citizens involved in Europe