Teen girl wandered for hours before fatal train strike, investigators say

Dascha Graafsma and her father Rene (Photo: Dascha Graafsma/Facebook)Dascha Graafsma and her father Rene (Photo: Dascha Graafsma/Facebook)

Dascha Graafsma, the 16 year old girl who was run over by a train in Hilversum last weekend, wandered around for hours on the night she died and was not picked up by a car, according to the foundation Signi Zoekhonde. The foundation sent in sniffer dogs to trace the teen girl's scent at her family's request, NOS reports.

Sniffer dogs were able were able to trace her scent from the Hilversum night club where she was last scene to the spot where she died, which means she traveled the whole way on foot, according to the foundation.

The girl wandered the area near the nightclub for some time. "Eventually shew walked down Utrechtseweg, where she walked into the forest", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. From there the dogs tracked her scent along the track to the place where her body was found.

While this sheds some light on the girl's whereabouts on the night she died, it does not answer all of her family's questions. For example, it is unclear whether she was walking alone or had someone with her. The police believe she committed suicide, but her family doubts this.

Forensic pathologist Fran van de Groot examined the teenager's body at her family's request. The toxicology examination revealed substances that indicate drug use, according to NOS.