FC Utrecht embezzlement case sees accountant, brother convicted

FC Utrecht's 21-year-old accountant and his 20 year old brother were convicted for embezzling 77,500 euros from the football club's safe by the court in Midden Nederland on Monday. Both men were sentenced to 8 months in prison, 4 of which conditionally suspended.

In January the two men staged a "robbery" at the football club, during which the accountant was attacked by a man in a balaclava - his brother - and forced to give up money from the safe.

The court also sentenced the two other suspects in the case. A 23 year-old-man was given a suspended prison sentence of 3 months and 200 hours of community service for handling the embezzled money.

The former accountant's 21-year-old ex-girlfriend was sentenced to 42 days in prison, 32 of which conditional, and 120 hours of community service. She drove the getaway car after the "robbery".

All four suspects also have to jointly repay the 77,500 euros stolen from the football club.