Energy firm Eneco to sell Tesla home batteries in Netherlands

Tesla Powerwall (Photo: Tesla Motors/Wikimedia Commons). (Tesla Powerwall (Photo: Tesla Motors/Wikimedia Commons))

Energy firm Eneco announced intentions to be the first official supplier of Tesla home batteries in the Netherlands. If all goes according to plan, the Tesla batteries will be on sale in the Netherlands in the first quarter of next year, news wire ANP reports.

The product is called Tesla Powerwall. It is a battery in which households can store electricity generated by solar panels. Eneco expects that these batteries will play an important role in the transition to a sustainable energy supply.

"We see many opportunities", Hans Valk, director of innovation at Eneco, said to the news wire. "The Powerwall is charged during the day, when the sun produces energy but energy consumption is usually low. Most people are home from the evening to the morning. At these times the stored energy can be used to watch television or do laundry."

Eneco will start testing these home batteries in January before putting them up for sale.