Security beefed up around Amsterdam mosques after Paris attacks

A number of mosques in Amsterdam implemented extra security measures following the terrorist attacks in Paris. The feelings of insecurity that emerged after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January, are even worse following the attacks in the French capital on November 13th, AT5 reports after speaking to mosques in the city. 

"We adapted the key plan and implemented various security features such as additional cameras", Rachid Abouhrait, manager of the Blauwe Moskee in Slotervaart, said to the broadcaster. The mosque also appointed more volunteers to act as guards.

Extra security costs money. The mosques would appreciate financial aid from the municipality, such as is given to Jewish institutions in the city, but so far this has not happened. Abouhrait talks of "double standards".

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security implemented a substantial threat warning for Jewish institutions in the city, but not for mosques. For this reason the municipality financially contributes to the security costs of Jewish schools and other institutions.