Amsterdam universities partner on quantum computing software

University of Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Iijjccoo). (University of Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Iijjccoo))

The University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit and the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science are opening the QuSoft institute on Thursday. At QuSoft, a collaboration between the three universities, scientists will research and develop software for quantum computers, NU reports.

QuSoft is the software counterpart for , the institute in Delft that is working on quantum computer hardware. QuSoft will be headed by Professor Harry Buhrman, who has been researching the algorithms quantum computers could use for some time.

Quantum computers work with so-called qubits. Unlike normal computer bits, which can only have a value of 0 and 1, qubits can also be in the "super position" of both values at the same time, which offers many new opportunities for software.

QuSoft will initially employ 15 people. This will be increased to 40 employees within five years.

Buhrman told Tweakers that quantum software needs more attention, so that quantum computers will be able to perform optimally when scientists get them to work.