Wilders imagining life as Prime Minister, wants Dutch Fox News Network

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PVV leader Geert Wilders is imagining life as Prime Minister after Maurice de Hond's latest poll showed that his party is at 39  virtual seats, 9 seats more than the coalition of VVD and PvdA has combined. 

"Wilders I will bring the Dutch sovereignty back", the PVV leader said in an interview with Metro Nieuws about his first cabinet. "We want to be the boss again of our own money, or own laws and our own borders. And yes, that means stepping out of the EU", Wilders said, adding that they have been researching this since last year and it seems like a viable option.

"I want the Netherlands to once again be a proud and sovereign country and I believe that for a true democracy you need a nation state with a common culture, identity and flag. People need to know who they are; Europe costs us much money, while we hardly determine anything." Wilders said.

Wilders added that his cabinet will focus on immigration, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Health and that he wants immigration and integration to be handled by one minister, instead of immigration being with Security and Justice and integration being with Social Affairs as is currently the case. He also already has a list of people in mind to fill each ministerial post. "Before we decided to tolerate Rutte I, we already looked at whether we could govern", he said to Metro. "And of course I have a list of people."

The PVV leader also thinks that it is high time that the Netherlands gets a channel like Fox News network that tells the whole story. "Eighteen months ago we held a demonstration on Koekamp in The Hague by the Central Station. Alexander Pechtold called in parliament that a number of people are instigating the right wing. That was true, but in the front were immigrants and young families with children among the crowd, the atmosphere was really good. But that you will not see", he said, adding that the same thing happened when he spoke at Pediga in Dresden. "You will always be framed. It is time for a channel like FOX in the Netherlands."