Greenpeace: Dutch PM Rutte is not credible on climate change

Prime Minister Mark Rutte called on people and businesses to play a bigger role in the fight against climate change at the climate summit in Paris on Monday. Greenpeace Nederland feels that these "pretty, but empty" words don't mean much until the Dutch government implements concrete plans to close the coal plants in the country.

"Climate policy can only work if it penetrates into the deepest roots of our society and people's behavior", the Prime Minister said according to the Telegraaf. In addition to social commitment, Rutte also finds it important that countries set national targets for reducing CO2 emissions, which are the main cause of the rising temperature. He wants a legally binding agreement that takes each country's situation into account. "It is important that each country contributes according to its ability", he said.

"Prime Minister Rutte just sold pretty tales about tackling the climate crisis", Greenpeace Nederland responded in on Facebook. "Those beautiful but empty words will make his nose grow. In the Netherlands we are extremely behind when it comes to renewable energy. Time for new agreements!"

In the campaign titled "Beste Mark", "Dear Mark" in English, the environmental organization states that "we will do everything for a better climate, if you will give the energy revolution a sharp push".

Greenpeace's demands to the Prime Minister are that he meets his agreements on the generation of solar and wind energy, does his best to save energy in homes and industry, stimulates electric driving, close all coal-fired plants, "and last but not least, let yourself be heard during the climate summit in Paris!"

A total of 195 countries are currently gathered in the French capital for the climate summit. They are discussing measures to ensure that global warming is limited to 2 degrees Celsius. The Netherlands is following the European Union line - 40 percent less emissions in 2030.

Minister-president Rutte heeft net in Parijs mooie praatjes verkocht over het aanpakken van de klimaatcrisis. Van die...

Geplaatst door Greenpeace Nederland op Maandag 30 november 2015