Report: U.S. asks Netherlands to bomb Syria

The United States of America officially requested that the Netherlands participate in bombing terrorist organization Islamic State in Syria. At this time the Netherlands is only bombing ISIS in Iraq.

Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert is currently in the United States. Her American counterpart Ashton Carter made this request of her on Thursday night, RTL Nieuws reports based on sources from within the Ministry of Defense.

Minister Hennis has not confirmed that such a request was made, but stated that it is "no secret" that America wants as many coalition partners as possible fighting in both Iraq and Syria.

Political reporter Jos Heymans believes that there is enough , lower house of parliament, that it is "likely" that the Netherlands will agree to this request. "Now that there is an official request, the Kamer's reply can actually only be positive", he said to RTL.

Six countries are currently fighting ISIS in Syria. At this stage the Netherlands is only participating in airstrikes against the terrorist organization in Iraq.