Prosecutor: Send Ex-MEP accused of luring girls for sex to prison

Daniel van der Stoep (Photo: Woeler1 / Wikimedia). (Daniel van der Stoep (Photo: Woeler1 / Wikimedia))

The Public Prosecutor demanded a prison sentence of 5 months, three of which conditional, and 240 hours of community service against former European Parliamentarian Daniel van der Stoep in the court in The Hague on Tuesday. He is accused of trying to lure three underage girls into sex by offering them money and gifts in 2013 and 2014.

According to the Prosecutor, in 2013 and 2014 Van der Stoep sent racy WhatsApp and chat messages to three underage girls - one of them the daughter of a policy aide that worked with him - in which he nagged the girls for sex and sexy photos, newspaper AD reports. He promised them money and gifts, in one case cocaine, and referred to himself as their "sugar daddy". He gave them sexually tinted compliments and even sent the girls photos of cash.

The girls went out to dinner with the former Member of European Parliament, accepted gifts from him, but never actually had sex with him.

In his statement to the police, Van der Stoep said nothing about these messages to the girl. He did say that he feels he did nothing wrong and that "every 16 year old should enjoy what they want to".

The Public Prosecutor believes there is enough evidence to prove that Van der Stoep tried to have sex with an underage girl in all three cases. He therefore demands that the suspect be sentenced to 5 months in prison, three of which conditionally suspended, and 240 hours of community service. The Prosecutor also demanded a probation period of 5 years given that Van der Stoep sees nothing wrong with his actions.