Drugging, robbing gay men could send suspect to prison for 16 years

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 16 year prison sentence against a 43 year old man suspected of drugging and then robbing three gay men of their debit cards.

One of the three victims, a 53 year old man from Apeldoorn, died after being drugged. The autopsy on his body revealed that he had high concentrations of the drug scopolamine in his body and likely suffocated after losing consciousness on his stomach. The other two victims were "lucky" and survived, the Prosecutor stated in the court in Arnhem on Tuesday, AD reports. Another ten gay men were robbed, but not drugged.

The second suspect, a 36 year old man from Bussum who was busted using six of the victims' debit cards, should spend 4.5 years in prison, according to the Prosecutor.

According to the Prosecutor, the prime suspect found lonely or vulnerable men on a gay dating site and arranged a date. He then conned them into drawing money, and their pin codes were recorded by a small camera that the second suspect installed in the ATM. The prime suspect then swapped the victim's debit card with a fake one, slipped the real one to the second suspect, who withdrew money from the victims' accounts.

The Prosecutor believes that other accomplices were involved, but does not have enough evidence to prosecute them.


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