“Fuck the PVV” singer scorned by nationalist party supporters

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Groningen musician Obed Brinkman's new protest song "Fuck the PVV" resulted in hundreds of insults from the nationalist party's supporters. Some PVV supporters even spread his telephone number about, so that he can be insulted in person.

Brinkman released the song on YouTube on Friday under his alias O-Bat. In the song, he calls the PVV "neo-fascists" and "demons in disguise", among other things. "Fuck Geert Wilders and fuck the PVV", the song concludes. The video was picked up by blog GeenStijl and PVV parliamentarian Martin Bosma that same day, and resulted in hundreds of angry comments on the blog, Twitter and the YouTube channel.

"I did not say it subtly, but the PVV has been offending everyone for years. And I wanted to insult them back", the musician said to Dagblad van het Noorden. He added that he did expect angry reactions, but not so many and not so violent. "Yet I still stand behind the song." He did decide to close the comment section on YouTube, however. "What was said there really got out of control."

He hasn't gotten around to combing through the hundreds of reactions on his telephone and the internet as of yet. But if there are any threats among them "I will definitely press charges".