Dutch restricting online sports gambling to block match fixing


The VVD and PvdA wants to allow online sports gambling, but block match fixing with restrictions and binding it to strict rules. Dutch football association KNVB is very happy with the adjustments planned for the gambling law, calling it a "profit for the sport".

The government submitted a legislative proposal to regulate online sports gambling last year. A majority of the Kamer is in favor of the plan, but suggested a number of requirements, NOS reports. Currently in the Netherlands, you can only legally gamble on sporting events via the Lotto, and then only on matches that are already in progress.

Coalition parties VVD and PvdA wants gambling on sporting events to not be allowed if the aspects bet on are easy to manipulate, such as betting on a red card in a football match or a double fault in tennis - elements that can be influenced by one player. "These are game elements that are so easy to manipulate that we do not want to allow it", VVD parliamentarian Jeroen van Wijngaarden explained to the broadcaster.

The VVD and PvdA also want to ban betting on amateur and friendly matches during training camps abroad. According to the KNVB, players in these matches are more susceptible to bribery and match fixing as they get little to no compensation for playing these matches.

The KNVB is very happy with these restrictions. "Limiting gambling opportunities in this way is a profit for the sport. The important thing is that not criminals, but players on the field, determine how the match plays out. And these proposals contribute to that", said KNVB operational director Gijs de Jong in an reaction. "We are very supportive of these restrictions and we are pleased that these parties comply with our wishes."

The coalition parties consulted with the NOC*NSF and KNVB about these adjustments. The Tweede Kamer is expected to discuss the new gambling law next year.