Traffic assoc.: “Shock” at 10 pct. rise in accident injuries

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A massive 20,700 people were seriously injured in traffic accidents last year, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment announced on Wednesday. That is an increase of 1,900 serious injuries compared to 2013. Traffic association ANWB is "shocked and disappointed" by these figures.

According to the ANWB, these latest figures - an average of about 55 serious injuries a day - again show the urgent need for more and better insight into the cause of traffic accidents.

Especially on provincial and municipal roads, where records of accidents "leave much to be desired". For example, there is no record of the speed limit on the roads where the 73 fatal accidents occurred last year. The ANWB feels that important information that can help improve road safety is going missing like this. "As long as there is a lack of insight, nothing can be learned an no effective measures can be taken."

The ANWB is therefore calling on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to give this matter priority and rapidly improve accident records.