Amsterdam salons, barbers could test serving wine & beer

Glass of wine (Photo: Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons). (Glass of wine (Photo: Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons))

Amsterdam residents may soon be able to enjoy a beer or glass of wine while having their hair cut. The capital city wants to join the Association of Dutch Municipalities' experiment hybrid forms of shops and restaurants, ANP reports.

In this experiment shops will be able to organize tastings and sell alcoholic beverages, and restaurants and other hospitality establishments will be able to sell products - something that is not permitted by current law. The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the consequences and safety of alcohol use in non-hospitality establishments, according to the news wire.

The city councils wants to meet entrepreneurs' wish to be able to respond more to the changing demands of consumers with this experiment. Consumers increasingly want a "full experience", for example a glass of wine at the hair dresser or a beer at a clothing stores.

Amsterdam will have a maximum of 20 of these hybrids and only entrepreneurs in specially designated areas can participate. The experiment will start on January 1st if at least 20 municipalities indicated to the Association that they want to participate. Municipalities can do so until December 7th.