Dutch cops go viral after caring for sick woman’s five kids

Eindhoven cops washing up after cooking dinner for 5 unattended kids (Photo: Eindhoven Politie/Facebook)Eindhoven cops washing up after cooking dinner for 5 unattended kids (Photo: Eindhoven Politie/Facebook)

Two Dutch police officers went viral after the Eindhoven police department posted a photo on its Facebook page of the cops washing dishes after making dinner for a sick woman's kids while she was in hospital.

According to the Eindhoven Police, the two officers responded to the woman's home in Woensel-Noord last week and arrived at the same time as the ambulance. The woman, suffering from hypoglycemia, was taken to the hospital for tests, leaving her five young kids unattended and unfed.

While waiting for a caretaker to arrive, the two cops stepped up and made dinner for the kids - fried egg sandwiches and some fresh fruit. They even washed up after themselves.

The photo of the police officers going above and beyond their call of duty, went absolutely viral on social media. The Facebook post received almost 9 thousand comments, almost 100 thousand likes and has been shared almost 5 thousand times. The story was even picked up by American entertainment magazine People under the headline "Two (Hunky!) Dutch Police Officers Make Dinner and Do the Dishes For Kids After Mom Is Rushed to Hospital"

Op 13 november 2015 publiceerde wij dit bericht en lieten jullie ook de andere kant van het politiewerk zien....

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