New witness: De G. confessed to strangling teen girl

The two new witnesses in the Nicole van den Hurk rape and murder trial heard suspect Jos de G. talk about killing a girl while they were all patients in the mental institution in Veldzicht some 10 years ago. "I strangled her", De G. said to the first new witness, the Telegraaf reported on Friday after talking to the witnesses earlier this week.

On Thursday the trial was suspended for two weeks after the Public Prosecutor requested time to investigate the new witnesses' statements.

"He looked at me with those cold eyes and said he killed a girl", the first witness told the newspaper. De G. told the witness that he had sex with the girl and she laughed about the size of his penis. He killed her because she ridiculed him. The witness initially thought De G. was only boasting, but made the connection when he was arrested last year. He decided to come forward after reading in the media that there was insufficient evidence to convict the suspect. "I think that someone who raped and murdered a child should not go unpunished."

The second witness has a similar story. "He said 'I committed murder and I wasn't arrested for it'. He would not say who it was", the second witness said, according to the newspaper.

Nicole van der Hurk disappeared on October 6th, 1995 on her way to her part time job at a supermarket from her grandmother's house. The 15-year-old girl was found in the woods between Mierlo and Lierop nearly two months later, raped and murdered.

De G. was arrested in January last year after his DNA matched traces found on the teenager's body. His lawyers are challenging this piece of evidence because the match does not consist of a full profile. De G. maintains that he did not kill Nicole. He told the court that if they had sex, it was consensual, but he can not remember it.


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