Second shooting at scene of Amsterdam murder

One person was wounded during a shooting in the Slotervaart area of Amsterdam on Wednesday evening, police said. It happened at the same building where Haydar Zengin, a Turkish nationalist and former attorney, was found dead from a gunshot wound last month.

The victim’s condition is not known, but the victim was removed from the building by stretcher, broadcaster AT5 reported.

Two or three shots were fired in the incident, witnesses said. It took place at about 4:45 p.m., and several paramedic crews were dispatched within minutes of the shooting. An air ambulance was also sent to the location.

“It’s the second time in a short period, but then I just arrived from school and it was also dramatic,” an area resident told AT5.

This shooting was reported at the corner of Theodoor van Hoytemastraat and Derkinderenstraat in the Overtoomse Veld neighborhood of Slotervaart, now part of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Zengin, 37, was found dead at an office connected to a construction firm listed on Derkinderenstraat.

Zengin was shot multiple times, and residents told police they did not hear any gunshots. It is believed he was killed sometime between noon and 3:10 p.m. No motive for his killing was made public. He was found about two weeks before voting in Turkey’s general election began.

When asked if he found it scary, the young witness told AT5, “Not really, but disturbing.”