Report: Violence against asylum centers smaller in Netherlands than Germany

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So far the Netherlands have shown no signs of structural violence against asylum centers or terrorist violence from the extreme right corner, as is currently the case in Germany. Though violent acts by individuals can not be ruled out in the Netherlands. And the breeding ground for extremism, both for right-wing and left-wing groups, is increasing.

This is according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security's new threat analysis, broadcaster NOS reports. Between January and August, there were 340 attacks on asylum centers in Germany. In the Netherlands there have only been a few incidents.

The National Coordinator is keeping a sharp eye on developments, given the strong emotions evoked by the arrival of asylum seekers.

Extreme right-wing groups, such as the Identitair Verzet and the NVU, are trying to play into the current sentiments against asylum seekers and Muslims, according to the Coordinator. The number of extremism acts is also increasing. As examples the Coordinator mentions right-wing symbols spray painted on reception centers and mayors, aldermen and councilors threatened after the announcement of asylum centers. The Coordinator also points to the attack on the emergency shelter in Woerden, though so far there is no evidence that extremist organizations were involved.

Extreme left-wing groups are also become more active, seeking confrontations with right-wing groups. As an example, the Coordinator mentions confrontations during the Pediga demonstrations in Utrecht. According to the coordinator, this leads to the risk of "renewed violent clashes between far-right and far-left groups."