Report: Dutch tourists stuck in Egypt still enjoying their trips

Sharm el-Sheikh (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ian Sewell). (Sharm el-Sheikh (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ian Sewell))

A number of Dutch tourists stuck in Egypt after all flights to and from the Sharm el-Sheikh airport were cancelled by the Netherlands. They are still enjoying their vacation, despite concerns about the security situation surrounding the airport.

"The tour guides on site only got a few questions about the situation", a spokesperson for TUI Netherlands said to newspaper AD. TUI currently has about 200 Dutch tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh. They are returning to the Netherlands on Sunday.

On Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed its travel advice for Egypt, based on growing suspicions that the Russian airplane that crashed over Sinai on Saturday, was brought down by an explosive. The British authorities are currently investigating.

TUI told broadcaster NOS that so far there is no reason to bring the Dutch tourists back to the Netherlands. For the time being the company is waiting on advice from the Ministry. Other travel agencies are also waiting for more information before deciding to bring their tourists back before their planned return date.